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Trying to complete your Community Service Hour Log for school but can't remember dates? No problem,  CLICK HERE for a list of community service hours completed as a group.

*This list does not include any individual service opportunities.

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First Serve Sunday is back up and running! Join us in the sanctuary for worship the first Sunday of every month. You can participate in 2 ways: from the pew or serving. Contact Kelly to find your place to contribute to worship.

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Every Sunday after Church

Stock Donations of Food Pantry Shelves

Donations of non perishable food items are donated throughout the week and placed in the designated red wagon in the Narthex/Lobby area.

We are in need of 1-2 individuals to roll the wagon into our food pantry and place the food items on the designated shelves weekly after the church service.

Hours Earned = 1 hour weekly

Sign Up Here:

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You Choose the Date

Nerf Bullet Clean Out


We used 2,000 Nerf bullets for our Nerf Wars and some did great while others got flattened and damaged. An individual is needed to take the large rubbermaid tub of 2,000 bullets home and sort the bullets only keeping those that have not been damaged. 

Hours Earned = 3 Hours 

Sign Up Here:

Copy of Encouragement Cards for Weekend

On Going

Encouragement Cards 


We currently have 125 local elementary students that receive Weekend Food Bags weekly during the school year. In addition to the food, we place hand written encouragement cards in the bags each week. It can be uplifting notes or even a special drawing. You do not address the cards to anyone and you do not sign your name. Cards can be on index cards or folded cards and envelopes - whatever you choose to use and provide yourself.


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