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 ZOE Empowers

Rubaya, Rwanda

Zoe Empowers is a distinctive and highly effective three-year empowerment program that helps orphans and vulnerable children lead their own journey from extreme poverty, isolation, and abuse to lives of sustainability and hope.  Zoe Empowers goes into communities where these teenagers and children are already living and helps the children make extended family by combining sibling households into empowerment groups to create a new family that works together. We have proudly partnered with Zoe to adopt, empower, and equip 2 groups: 

Ikerekezo, which means "Vision", 87 Orphans and Dufashanye Mamba, which means "Mutual", 78 Orphans.


  If you would like to join us to pray for one of the households, please click the send button to email your request and our missions coordinator will contact you with details about our group: send


To make a donation directly to supporting our Empowerment Groups, to Ikerekezo and Dufashanye Mamba in Rwanda, please click the donate button and you will be directed to our giving page.  Please make a donation to the general fund, and in the notes type:  ZOE Rwanda  DONATE


For more information about our newest group, Dufashanye Mamba

and how we can pray for them, please CLICK HERE.

For more information about ZOE Empowers,

2020 Ikerekezo Group Virtual Mission Trip

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