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Upper Room Devotionals

Our prayer garden is flourishing with lots of caterpillars and butterflies. Arlene has also added a table to pick up an Upper Room Devotional. You can also download a copy HERE.

Dialogues (2).png

A re-enactment of Jesus’ Last supper has been an annual tradition of our church for over 25 years. Although we are separated by space this year, we are not separated in remembering His final acts. As we carry on the tradition, enjoy an up close and personal moment with the disciples as they share their thoughts on what it was like to hear the words... “Follow Me”.

We have also added below the music pieces that are

traditionally shared at our Tableau presentation .

If you would like a larger view of the videos, 

click on the video and then click "watch in YouTube"

A special THANK YOU from our director, Al Betz, to all of those

that have been a part of the Tableau throughout the years. 

Tableau (2).png
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