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Church Family,


You are invited to join us for a special Passover celebration on Thursday, April 9th at 6:30 PM. We will be premiering the video on YouTube, which can be accessed directly from YouTube or we will have a pop-up box on our website to help you locate it easier. You can also go to our YouTube channel right now and subscribe to the channel. This will automatically notify you when videos have been published or live videos begin.


Our Passover meal will involve the Seder plate. The plate is a sampling of food we will be using for the Haggadah, which means “the telling” of the Passover story. It is a story that has been told for thousands of years since Moses and continues even until today. Please keep in mind that the food is not meant to fill you up but instead a separate meal is traditionally provided following the Seder portion of the night.


Our family celebrates the Passover every year during Holy Week because it was one of the last things Jesus did with his disciples before he was arrested.


You can choose to log in and just watch or you can purchase the necessary food items listed below and have the experience at your house as well. It is an incredibly moving experience to participate in during Holy Week. We highly encourage you to join in with your family as it is appropriate for all ages.


What You Will Need:

·        Food items listed below in the shopping list

·        A large round plate to hold all of the prepared food items (if you do not have a large round plate, it             can also sit directly on the table). Each Seder plate has 7 food items that will be set directly on it or               you can place the items into separate small bowls to be placed on the plate.

·        2 Candles for the table

·        Small bowl with water and a hand towel (will be used to wash our hands at the table)

·        Wine glass for every participant/ or any small cup will do

·        Small plate for every participant

·        1 Small white cloth or hand towel large enough to wrap a matzah

·        Napkin for every participant



Shopping List:

1 Hard boiled Egg


3 Apples (any apple will do)



Matzah Crackers (Can be found on the end cap of an aisle with Passover supplies)

Shank Bone/Lamb Bone (Publix meat dept keeps them on hand this time of year)


Salt water (can be made at home)

Red Wine or Grape Juice


Click Here to See How to Prepare Your Seder Plate

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